Welcome to DuelForce Promotions

At DuelForce Promotions our mission is simple, helping our clients retain existing customers and helping them to continually attract and close new prospects by keeping their name, logo, brand and image fresh in the minds of those they already do business with, while raising awareness  in the marketplace to help them secure new business.


You have a company to run, time is precious and it’s critical to be focused on your core business, selling your products or performing your services.  If you’re not in the branding and marketing business, performing this function correctly takes lots of time, money and can be a distraction.  Also, purchasing products that people will never use or appreciate (at whatever the “bargain” on-line price), makes no sense.  It’s only throwing away hard earned time and money, but is potentially detrimental to your brand and image.  We’ve already searched through thousands of product possibilities and done all the tedious work and heavy lifting.  Our talented staff offers hands on, one on one FREE consulting services to all our clients, on every project.


We’ll make your day SUPER EASY, AND SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY, all you need to do is contact us and let us go to work for you!